Crazy about Cosmos

One of the two exciting flowering standouts of 2007 in my garden are the Cosmos Cosmic Mix seeds that I planted mid-spring. With regular rainfall we saw up until this month, the Cosmos took off in a brilliant display of yellows, orange, and reds. These came from the Park Seed order that arrived late winter which I just threw around the borders of the backyard flower beds. I love the fern-like growth and the semi-double blooms of the Cosmos sulphureus…and this has led to my interest in the Cosmos bipinnatus which sports even “fern-ier” foliage. I intend on ordering a bag of the Psyche White Cosmos at Wildseed Farms for next year. Too bad they aren’t perennials! Note to self: order more red and yellow Cosmos sulphureus. Or even give the Ladybird series a test drive.

Lost and missing posts prompts reorganizing

After the February crash of my server box, I lost many posts written up to this time. I am considering redesigning the site and perhaps move it to a paid hosting solution. We’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile, I hope that the Internet Archive will soon have some copies of this site available for me to recapture some of the lost data.