Salvia in the ground

9/20/07 The Blue Flowers of Salvia ChamaedryoidesThings are a little shaky with the new salvia I received last week and planted according to instructions, post 3-day-hardening period. Much of the leaves of one specimen wilted and/or dropped. Not sure if it’s the climate shock or too much water. I neglected it over the weekend and started delivering liquids yesterday. I’m hoping it will have plenty of time to settle in before the winter season finally arrives.

New salvia coming soon

I received an email today regarding my Salvia chamaedryoides order from Lazy S’S Farm Nursery. The 2 plants I ordered should be arriving the week of Sept 17. Incidentally, the bill totaled 34.18, shipping charges exceeded the price of the two plants. 🙁

Replacing irises and another salvia purchase

My replacement irises arrived yesterday, and I was happy to receive two Zzzanzibars from Brad and Kathie. With Dash wreaking destruction on the iris bed, the replacements arrived just as I assessed the damage. It appears one of the Blueberry Fillies got partially chewed, and an Alpha Gnu got dislodged. I replanted everything and put the Zzzanzibars in their new homes.

Also yesterday, I put in an order for 2 Salvia chamaedryoides from Lazy S’S Farm online store. I can’t wait to get these in my yard.


09/07/07 Dash Professing InnocenceIt always seems that when a new plant finds its way into my flower beds, a mischievous puppy manages to rampage through: uprooting, trampling, eating and mangling all the newcomers.

For example: barely a week into the ground, the new irises I obtained from became victims of a stampeding fur-nephew. If he wasn’t such a cutie, Dash might have gotten more discipline than he received. It’s a sore reminder for us pet-loving gardeners to take extra precautions in securing plants from rambunctious puppies.