Flowers of a different stripe

Broken color irises. They’re eye-catching, they’re unique. I love their splashy looks…and I hope to enjoy them in my 2008 garden. I’ve discovered an internet purveyor of striped irises at and I’m browsing their library of dazzling bearded irises for specimens to go into my white-and-blue flower bed. It’s about planting time for the iris rhizomes…and with the Texas weather so mild this week, I can’t wait to do some digging.

In my shopping cart:
Z Z Zanzibar – I. Variegata species, 25″ rebloomer (x2)
Blueberry Filly – intermediate bearded, 23″ early bloomer (x2)

3/30/2007 Dutch Eye of the Tiger irisesMy iris show this year included the very early (Feb/Mar) dwarf irises (reticulata and danfordiae mix) and the April-blooming, 24″ Dutch Eye of the Tiger. (Here’s a basic explanation of the differences between the bulb and rhizome types.) There’s a strong need to fill in the months between February and April with color. Hopefully some irises and white daffodils will fill that gap.