Orders in-house

A large box of plants awaited me when I arrived from work last night. I eagerly unpacked my Sooner order to check the condition of my plants. Next to my Lazy S’S order last year, this was one of the best packaging jobs I had seen. Sooner gets an A+ for some custom packing; nothing could have shifted or slid around in the carton during shipment. Judging from the condition of the plants, everything seemed to have survived their trip in excellent condition. (Good notification process by Sooner as well, I had ship notices in my email earlier in the week.) Just as a recap, I had 6 3.5in pots of Ajuga, 1 3qt Heuchera Obsidian, 1 3qt Hosta Fire & Ice, and 2 3qt Artemisia Limelight. Of all the new arrivals, only the Hosta had no foliage, presumably because it is dormant.

I’m looking forward to planting the so-called thuggish Artemisia Oriental Limelight. A review of its characteristics at Dave’s Garden reveals that this plant will grow up to 4-6ft. Many of the comments remarked on its invasive nature. Frankly, I’m curious to see how it fares in the inhospitable rear beds especially during the dry summer months. I will plan to put a specimen each in B2 and B4 and keep tabs on them throughout the year. At its supposed height, I just need to remember to plant it in or near the back. It’s herbaceous though, so no evergreen colors during winter…a shame since it’s such a variegated beauty.