Spring to summer lilies

Like clockwork, the spring lilies wound down their show to make way for the daylilies of summer.

The late May/early June daylilies debuting in the garden are:

Rhode Island Red: height 26″, season E, bloom 5.75″, Rebloom, foliage ev., Tetraploid, deep cardinal red with orange red gold edge above green throat

Dragon King: height 22″, season E, bloom 5.5″, Rebloom, foliage ev., Tetraploid, mandarin red self with vivid green throat (large yellow/green throat area)

Midnight Raider: height 30″, season M, bloom 6.5″, Rebloom, foliage ev., Tetraploid, dark purple self with green throat

Spacecoast White Out: height 24″, season E, bloom 6.5″, Rebloom, foliage sev., Tetraploid, near white self above yellow green throat

Indochine: height 34″, season E, bloom 5.5″, Rebloom, foliage dor., Tetraploid, yellow blend with green throat

Crimson Pirate: height 30″, season M, foliage dor., Diploid , Spider Ratio 5.20:1

What’s interesting to note is that the Crimson Pirates, listed as mid-season bloomers, are blooming in full force in early June. The front yard beds have very robust bloomers at this time, and they love to arch toward the sun. Of all the daylilies so far, the Pirates have the smallest bloom sizes, but the most flowers per scape.

I suspect Out Back Red has already made a showing, but none of the blooms I’ve seen have measured 7″ across yet.

I am not particularly impressed with Midnight Raider’s colors, not as intense as I would like, but it does pair well with the neighboring Vermeer calla lily.