Pondering the winter garden

As the evidence of fall starts coloring the landscape, I am in a frame of mind to garden once again. My pending move to a house with a yard has lent some excitement to the notion of planting flower bulbs in the ground. Off and on, I’ve been browsing the internet looking for good deals on daffodils, lilies and other flowering options.

I had an opportunity to give my Japanese maple some TLC 2 weekends ago. I suspect that watering neglect gave cause for it to brown over 50% of its foliage. The fiance did get a drill to start punching holes in the bottom of its pot so that I could give it a good drenching. I also added more soil material to cover some exposed roots.

However with the weather turning colder, I wonder if it’s too late to add any fertilizer to the pot. I realize that when I originally potted the maple, it received half a pot of garden soil and another half of compost. Since most sage advice regarding Japanese maples forbid the use of fertilizer late into the fall, I will withhold and hope that the maple will survive the winter and rebloom next spring.

Oddly enough, the tree has shown some new growth in the last month or so, most shooting near the top of the tree and in other various spots.