Salvia on my mind

With the pending move to a house, my excitement builds with the thought of landscaping and gardening. Salvias have been on the top of my shopping list so far…and I am eager to obtain some rare cultivars to add to the flower beds.

Salvia chamaedryoides
Salvia greggii Chiffon
Salvia greggii Creme Caramel
Salvia greggii Peach
Salvia greggii Rachel
Salvia greggii Salmon
Salvia greggi Sierra San Antonio
Salvia greggii Stormy Pink
Salvia greggii Sungold (Devon Cream)
Salvia greggii Teresa
Salvia greggii Texas Wedding
Salvia greggii Yellow Cloud
Salvia x jamensis California Sunset
Salvia x jamensis Cienega de Oro
Salvia microphylla Hot Lips

Unfortunately, I have to report that the my potted salvia are scraggly and dropping leaves. The white one in particular I had to prune down to a couple of stalks after a fierce rainy season drowned it in its pot. I can’t wait to set these plants free in the landscape.