First orders in-house

Awaiting me when I got home from work yesterday was my Brent & Becky’s order. As usual, I’m always pleased to find a well-packaged order of healthy, good-sized bulbs. If weather permits this weekend (a possibility of snow and freezing temperatures forecast on Saturday), I will be putting the new arrivals in the ground.

The honey and I went to Lowes to see about fabricating a light stand. However, we had a hard time finding any pieces for even a decent price. The wire/metal stand started at $40 which I decided not to purchase, and we found with a fluorescent grow light for about $15. I may just return the light and craft something simpler, as shown in the CFL grow light video. The honey had a good idea to re-purpose our unused 2nd bathroom as a seedling house and we may be trying PVC to craft a light stand.

While at Lowes we also picked up two bags of hosta: Gold Standard and Minuteman. These will join the Eternal Flame I ordered from Forestfarm, which should hopefully arrive today. I’d like to add a blue hosta to our collection and am surfing around for candidates.