Damp ground, green maple

With most of the flower beds laid out, the weather has taken the opportunity to halt all attempts of finishing the job. My brand new Fiskars garden claw only saw action once this week before the rain decided to wet things down. I’ve been keeping a careful eye on the new hostas that we purchased at the big box stores. I’m worried that they’re not going to thrive much longer in their packing bags. 

New daylilies are in-house and what beauties they are. Large 3-fan specimens of Dallas Star came packed with a bonus daylily: Hyperion, a lemon-yellow flowered dormant, supposedly vigorous and fragrant. Oakes Daylilies also sent some very nice catalogs…which are even now persuading me to buy more daylilies.

My Japanese maple is causing me some concern. I have not seen any variegation on any of the leaves it has budded. For all intents and purposes, it appears like a normal, solid-color maple. I’ve read up on what might have caused this issue, and it seems that only over-fertilizing will cause it. Strangely enough, I have not made any fertilizer applications to it since I got it almost two years ago. The only difference from its old environment is that it gets direct morning sun nowadays, compared to the nearly-total shade it used dwell in. I may have to contact the nursery and see if they can offer further advice.

With all the rain, it seems my weed-and-feed activity has probably washed away. I hope the weather this weekend will allow me to make a new application.