Salvia, basil, and blue daisies

With the seedlings doing well in their covered flat, I decided to try out MiracleGro’s Seedling Starter soil and bust out the basil seeds. With summer only 6 weeks away, I thought it would be only a matter of time before we started craving the awesome fresh flavors of an herb garden. Half packets of Stokes Seeds Red Rubin and Thai Basil went into a cheap plastic tray (recycled from food takeout), along with some Ferris & Morse catmint seeds purchased at Home Depot. It didn’t take long for me to notice the seeds swell up in the tray. Because the tray isn’t self-watering like the Burpee’s kit, I will be misting it daily

Two out of the 6 red salvia cuttings took root, which I promptly transferred to a 4 inch pot with starting soil. Two failed completely (perhaps because they were cut from hardwood), while the other 2 showed no rooting. The latter I also put into a starter/garden soil mix and placed under the grow light. From Walton’s Gardens yesterday I took home a Hot Lips Salvia and proceeded to take 4 cuttings, which also went under the grow light.

Finally, from Home Depot, I brought home a rosemary in a quart pot, along with the blue daisy I’ve been craving for all week, Felicia Cape Town Blue. I’m thinking of putting it in a planter along with some dianthus and a Picasso lily bulb that I have left over.