Seed starting 2011 part 2

My Stokes Seed order arrived this week. My first sowing from the new arrivals includes the Alyssum Wonderland White and Wonderland Mulberry Mix. I’ve also started a couple of garlic chives and the hybrid impatiens (Xtreme Hot Mix) seed I ordered from last year. Like the impatiens, the alyssum seeds are tiny, and I’ve resorted to spreading them into plastic trays. I will need to ensure I mist them regularly.


The first rosemary cutting isn’t looking too good after being in the dirt for a week or two now. I imagine it needs better watering than what it’s been receiving so far. I’ve put another rosemary cutting next to it and hope for the best. I’ve also taken a cutting of the Tropical Breeze verbena and put it into water. I’m unsure if it will take, but it will be interesting to find out if it can be easily propagated. The lone specimen I have sitting in the planter has stopped flowering and has instead begun to expand, setting out trailers and new foliage.

The dianthus cutting that’s taken root has put out a bud, which I found while sowing. I don’t have the heart to pinch it back, even though I should. I should take some white dianthus cuttings to propagate.

Nearly everything sown from the beginning of the month has sprouted. One or two ornamental peppers have yet to break out of the ground and all of the pansies have failed to germinate so far. I’m about out of room to sow any more seed in plastic dinner trays and will have to consider using up the rest of the Burpee tray to grow anything new. Now I’m wishing I had more grow lights and counter space for indoor gardening.

Meanwhile, I’ve found some good reading and tips on winter sowing at