The Rose Gardens at Farmers Branch part one

Banks upon banks of roses await you at this trial garden sharing a space with Gussie Field Watterworth Park. The roses here are grown without any special treatment so you can observe how they are traditionally cultivated (with a minimum of mulching and driplines), as close to your backyard setting as possible. What’s remarkable is that the garden borders a relatively busy street (Valley View Lane) and sits exposed to the elements 24/7. Therefore all of the cultivars you find here are guaranteed to endure the worst Texas weather. From miniatures to landscaping shrubs to climbers, you’ll find all manner of roses. The blooms in spring are guaranteed to be spectacular, but these roses bloom nearly year round–so you’ll always be met with beautiful swathes of colors and wonderful fragrances.

Because the garden sits adjacent to Gussie Field, there are plenty of benches and tables around, in case you want to bring a picnic lunch. Great for families too, since the park is kid-friendly (lots of slides and gyms) and shaded by a canopy of trees. Remember that the Rawhide Drive entrance is one way, and you can easily exit the park via William Dodson Pkwy on the other end of the park.

This is the northernmost of 4 rose gardens in Farmers Branch, all within walking distance of each other. The best part is that the garden is free and open to the public during normal park hours.