Butterfly sightings

I’d like to think that our summer flowers are bringing in the welcome garden guests. At least I’ve seen a half dozen honeybees working the gaura in the courtyard every morning. I’m hoping one of these days, the hummers will stop by the garden for a drink. But, in the meantime, the man and I were surprised by a couple of butterfly sightings. I caught my first sight of a black tiger swallowtail (a black and ¬†blue-spotted butterfly) fluttering around in the courtyard on one day. Then, the honey showed me a yellow one of the same size perched in the photinia the other day. I suspect it is the male version of the tiger swallowtail, but because I didn’t glimpse any distinctive stripes, it could have been anything. In any case, I’ve put the honey on alert–capture a photograph of those butterflies at all costs.