Another variegated pepper purchase

We visited North Haven Gardens yesterday, with the intent of picking up some sedum. Sadly, their sedum selection looked sparse (I imagine they had been cleaned out, since most of their sedum aisle stood empty), so I looked elsewhere to satisfy my new plant bug.

I caught sight of this ornamental pepper in their bedding section. This had been a variety I had been eyeballing ever since I saw it in the Park’s Seed catalog. Shu displays green and creamy-white variegated foliage with narrow, tapering cream to scarlet fruit. The specimen I picked up is about 12 inches high. I suspect that it will grow up to no higher than 2 feet tall like most of the variegated ornamental peppers I have grown. It is an eyecatcher and will definitely add a splash of color to a dark background.

7/10/2011 Shu Ornamental Pepper (1) 7/10/2011 Shu Ornamental Pepper (2) 7/10/2011 Shu Ornamental Pepper (3)