Red basil, mint blooms and ripe chilis

The Red Rubin basil never did stay red for me. These days the leaves emerge green with red veining, but never fully color out. They have remained this way ever since I transferred them into starter soil, then placed outside during late spring. Could it have been stress-induced reversion? After reading some internet literature, I found out that the purple color in basil tends to be unstable and reversion back to green is typical. However, it still retains its characteristic basil scent when one draws close enough for a sniff.

7/7/2011 Closeup of reverted Red Rubin Basil 7/7/2011 Red Rubin Basil reversion

The pineapple mint specimens are all blooming like crazy. I need to cut them back again…I’m concerned they might reseed heavily, like the coral nymph salvia which has jumped into the lawn.

7/7/2011 Blooming Pineapple Mint 7/7/2011 Blooming Pineapple Mint

Finally, the Thai chili peppers are ripening. The scarlet and orange chili fruit are very eye-catching. K reported that these were some spicy-hot chilis; he harvested one a couple of weeks ago from a specimen I gifted him.

7/7/2011 Ripe Thai chili peppers 7/7/2011 Ripe Thai chili peppers