Sod me

I’ve been pushing DH for an action plan on our backyard since late last year. The major expenses and problems associated with a grass-less backyard could have been avoided if he had just been a little motivated to spread some grass seed around. Every drop of rain turns the yard into a mudpit, which gets tracked in by some eager pups. It has gotten to the point where the dogs have to use the front yard bathrooms because of the excessive mud tracks left into our light beige carpet. The cleaning bill adds up every year.I also inspected the retaining wall this weekend and I calculate that the earth has shifted at least 2 inches toward our fence. Again, I can fault DH’s slapdash assembly of the wooden wall and foresee future expenses in having to rebuild the wall and our back fence. At this time, it looks like a train-wreck of a wall, running crooked across the back yard. Luckily it isn’t visible to the casual observer, but I can see it collapsing some day. While I’m on this rant, I might as well also mention the fence stain job that has remained incomplete for 2+ years now.

Well, DH surprised me yesterday in purchasing a small amount of bermuda sod from A-1 Grass to lay in the dog run. It’s not enough to cover the entire backyard, but it’s a start. It remains to be seen if he will actually do any prep work on the yard before laying the sod. Heck, I’m skeptical…the soonest I can hope for is that he will lay down sod next year.