Liriope in the ground

Yesterday, I found myself walking out of work confronted by abundant daylight due to the “spring forward” time. I hurried home and started digging a trench about 4″-6″ deep and wide around the S1 side yard. With the ground damp, it was quick work loosening the soil and ripping out the bermuda grass invasion. I started lining up the bareroot Silver Dragons along this trench, spreading them about half an inch or less apart. Surprisingly, the 50 divisions distributed evenly along the trench I dug up all the way to the privet hedge. I thought about using the two remaining bags of topsoil sitting in the bed of my truck, but with the light quickly dwindling, I opted to tamp back down the mud that I had dug out. I’m hoping the wet soil will be enough to rehydrate the liriope after 5 days sitting in a box with only wet moss and newspaper for moisture. 

Where was a camera when I needed to take some pictures this morning? I hope to post a snapshot of the S1 border soon.