Dog-gone part 2

So, I get home yesterday evening and Dash greets me at the door. He’s happy-go-lucky, trembling-with-joy, all-sorts-of-enthusiastic fur-kid exuberance. Then I step into the backyard and beheld the carnage in S1. All my tulips were uprooted and a puppy-sized hole lay at the feet of my myrtle. And the Heuchera Obsidian? Obliterated from the face of the earth. I’m understandably upset…so I placed an irate call with the DH and reminded him how many times I requested that the rampaging-garden destroyers be crated while we’re away at work. The tulips are back in their settings…but the tulip show is done for this year. And maybe it’s for the best that the heuchera is gone…I worry that the exposed location would challenge any shade lover at the moment.