More spring gardening buys

I stopped by Lowe’s and Cristina’s again for lunch today. At Lowe’s, I finally caved in and purchased a $2 quart of Azalea Gumpo White. Interestingly, the red azaleas are all in fierce bloom at the moment. I also spotted some Salvia greggii purples among the Hot Lips salvia; I picked up 1 pot of the purple. (I saw a curious microphylla-looking salvia labeled Crimson Sundae with rose-pink flowers also, but haven’t had much luck finding it on the net.) It was a long line at the Lowe’s checkout stand, but I managed to walk out with 2 plants and 2 bags each of the following: landscape soil, compost and red mulch. At Cristina’s, I picked up an 18 count flat of Dianthus mixed, making sure to collect some scarlets, reds, and whites this time. They did have a somewhat bigger selection of Salvia greggiis in 2″ pots, but whites were absent from the mix. Looking forward to planting this weekend.