The patio herb garden

This weekend marked the beginning of my modest herb garden. Since I needed to drop by Home Depot to pick up a bag of garden soil, I decided to replace the dead ornamental pepper plant and pick up some filler for 2 unused planter troughs I still had sitting on the patio. I decided with all the cooking I’ve been doing lately, I might as well stop spending money on store-bought fresh herbs and grow my own. I purchased 2 each of the following: lemon thyme, thai basil and fernleaf dill. I suppose I should read up on the care and maintenance of these plants. (Edit: good info on care)

In addition to the new plantings, I finally got my white salvia into its new pot, which will hopefully prevent it from drying out. I also sank the remainder of my calla lily bulbs in the new herb planters.

My lavender plant grower contacted me this morning to inform me that my order will take another 2 weeks before shipping. I can’t wait for the lavenders to arrive!

Emergent callas

While I am lamenting the loss of the purple pepper plant in the second box planter on my patio, my first brightly colored planter is hosting an emerging calla show. It appears that the Mango callas are bursting out of the ground…no sign of Flame yet. Here’s hoping to see it soon!

May Flowers comes to Dallas

While I’m nursing an ailing (perhaps dying) pepper plant, I have to lament the fact that I missed Dallas Blooms this year. However, May looks to be an exciting time at the Arboretum this year. Starting May 1 and running till the end of the month, the Dallas Arboretum is hosting the May Flowers Festival. Looks like a spectacular show! Also, the Arboretum’s annual plant sale will occur May 2-3.

Strolling through the nursery

A visit to The Plant Market in Dallas, TX yielded a bounty of colorful pictures. Some of the most memorable sights are their azaleas and roses, which are fiercely blooming and scenting the air around the nursery. Also most of their japanese maples are in full leaf, a fiery display of reds and greens. Among some of the candidates I wanted to take home: I found a Harvest Lemon Chiffon Heuchera that I found attractive and about the right size to add to my purple planter box. However I’m still holding out for a variegated mondo grass.

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