Dahlberg daisies, calla lilies, and 99 cent hostas

I learned via email specials that Calloway’s had a sale on Francee hosta bulbs on Tuesday. I dispatched the honey to pick one up for me; he ended up bringing 2 home–but the bulbs/rhizomes were so puny I was worried that they’d turn out to be disappointments. He tried to pick out the best of the pile they had and one of them already had a leaf trunk growing. He also couldn’t resist bringing home 4 dahlberg daisies home with him.

I promptly put the Francee hostas in a planter box. I just don’t think they’d survive being in-ground given their size.

A note about dahlberg daisies: it seems that seedlings dislike overhead watering and should be watered from below. This coincides with my observations, since the frail seedlings end up rotting away after getting a light shower.

Several of the calla lily bulbs I potted up a few weeks ago are already bursting out of the soil. And it seems I still missed a few calla bulbs in the lily bed, after discovering several leaves next to the Hyperion daylily and one stalk coming up from under a purple oxalis.