Last week while I toured the nursery centers in search of pots and plants, I happened to notice these ginger lilies beckoning to me from the 75% off clearance racks at Lowes.

10/22/2011 Alpinia zerumbet variegata

Speaking as a girl with a tasted for variegated plants, it was a deal that could not be denied. I brought home 3 2.25qt pots of variegated gingers: 1x Alpinia zerumbet variegata and 2x Stromanthe sanguinea tricolor.

10/22/2011 Stromanthe sanguinea tricolor

Not pictured here are two 4″ pots of purple curly-leafed ornamental kale that I picked up at Blooming Colors Nursery in Grapevine.

Tomorrow, I’ll post pics of the cleanup I performed on the gingers. I had to plant the last of the pansies flats before nightfall.