Hostas on Display

Spring hostas are in their broadleafed prime now mid-May, with some sending out buds and blooms.

Dancing Darling is of course a beast, overflowing the shade bed.

Monstrous Dancing Darling
Dancing Darling Bloom

Color Glory is a step down in size but no less robust.

Color Glory
Color Glory Budst

Island Breeze is a nice glowing addition to the shade bed.

Island Breeze

Hans is always an eye catcher, but the creamy white leaves will start frying from the occasional sun.

Creamy leaves margined with blue green
Hans showing some scorching

The only failed start this year is Fire and Ice, which appeared to be the breakfast of champions. Not sure if it was slugs or insects but it got eaten to the ground. Hoping it’ll come back stronger and sooner.

Fire and Ice delicate…
…and delicacy

The shade bed still receives a blast of morning sun which tends to dry the hostas. Still developing a solution to this

Shade bed, mid afternoon sun during May