First plant purchases of the season!

I’ve caught the spring fever bug if you’ve sneaked a peek at my Instagram. Temperatures in the North Texas area are in the low 80s for the past week. It was time for my seasonal commute to North Haven Gardens and big box stores around town.

First, off to North Haven Gardens…herbs, colorful annuals and perennials snagged:

I wanted to start some lemongrass from seed, but haven’t found any local retailers selling seed. Calloway’s Nursery in Denton had this one specimen in stock, so I figured I’d pick it up…along with a bag of expanded shale. The kitties like inspecting grassy things.

I need to shop for some catgrass seed!

I finally found some Red Rubin basil seeds at Home Depot. Couldn’t resist picking up lily bulbs and more annual/perennial color. Weekend garden project, here we come!



I’ve been testing the Droid 2 camera for the past few weeks (since I finally reacquired it from the man) to take some garden and pup pictures. However, due to some quirky resolution settings, the photos haven’t been resizing correctly. My preference is for 1024×768 sizing, but lately the aspect ratios of the Droid 2 pix are whacky. Anyway, as convenient as it is to have the phone with me whenever I’m out and about, I’ll fall back on my trusty ole Canon to do the grunt work.

I captured this lily scene sometime after 8:30am. The Red Alerts are in full bloom, the Lollipops on the way out. Only the Navona have yet to make a showing.

5/13/2011 Lilies!

July heat

6/29/2006 Late June Hot Lips salviaFourth of July came and went without much incident. Most of my firebug-happy neighbors refrained from setting off fireworks during the dangerous drought conditions. Because of water restrictions ramped up to severe, the myrtles are showing leaf-tip burn this week. Most of their flowers have wilted, leaving them looking rather ghastly. The Peppermint Lace is looking the worst of all, since its flowers have turned the shrub into a brown ball of ugliness.

One Canna lily decided to grace our front yard with its first blazing orange bloom, which I failed to capture in a photo. The two Cannas that we planted in the front yard transformed into a colony of plants. So far only one of the main plants has sprouted a bloom stalk. I eagerly await the second bloom to see what color it might be.

6/29/2006 Late June purple salvia greggiiIn the side yard, the first Reinesse dwarf lily displayed two open blooms this morning. The Hot Lips Salvia planted nearby is brightly adorned with crimson and white flowers. Purple salvias seem to be blooming strongly as well. I’ve also decided to let the poor Natchez in the side yard sucker out. Two of its three trunks have failed to sustain any green, which may mean that they will get hacked off this fall, or the whole tree may need to be moved.

Evidence of yellowing and browning is rampant in the lily beds. The first few plants have already browned completely, waiting to be cut down. I’m wondering if I’ll be moving the bulbs or just wait until they all die back and dig up the bulbs in the fall. Probably fall….

Lollipop lollipop

06/18/06 Lollipop LiliesOne more surprise greeted me Saturday morning: it appears one of my late plantings of Lollypop lilies had flowered. Standing under 1ft tall, it looks like a thin reedy stalk with 3 flowers crowning it. I have one or two more in different beds with the same reedy stem and heads of buds, just waiting to bloom. FYI, these Lollipops were purchased from Robyns Gardens Ebay store. So far, most of my bulb purchases with them have yielded great results. I can’t wait for the Reinesse lilies to bloom!