Winter Veggie Garden Update

There are more veggies scattered throughout the backyard!

I had to find a home for the leftover brussel sprouts and broccoli starts that I purchased from Burpee in October. The cinderblock planters and grow bag where we relocated the lorapetalum seemed ideal.

It’s been nearly a month since these veggies were planted, and they appear to be faring well in their new homes. Although the broccoli and brussel starts nearest the fence line appear to need more sun.

I also random-sowed some fenugreek seed in a pocket next to the unfinished water feature. This spot gets full sun throughout the day. The fenugreek seedlings seem to handle the cold winter nights pretty well.

I still plan to perform much-needed maintenance on the foundation garden beds, but I’ve tasked DH with repairing the border stones before I can resume work on them. I have a pile of compost that needs to be laid, and weeding needs to be performed on the shade bed.

Spring breakage

Turns out the stump grinder last weekend shattered the existing sprinkler line running perpendicular to the bed. This set back our weekend plans of installing a cinderblock bed. We effected repairs on the exposed pipes, which hopefully will be ready for burial this coming weekend.

3/4/2012 Spring Breakage! (1)

A mystery wire also got severed during the stump grinding, which we still haven’t been able to identify. This makes for 3 unidentified cables that we unearthed in the removal of the old photinia.