On day 18, there was…

…relief! Okay, Wednesday didn’t offer overwhelming relief since the temperatures peaked at 99 degrees–thereby ending a 17-day-long streak of 100+ weather.

It’s been too hot to do anything but watch plants shuffle off one by one as the heat took its toll on them. Every once in awhile, we got out and gave the beds a good drenching, but we have stayed indoors for the most part. This is not good planting weather, unless you take sadistic pride in watching your well-spent money dry up and die.

To be honest, I haven’t seen any noteworthy losses…most were young plants that had no business being outside. I did however notice that the potted lobelias appear like a thatch of dried twigs now, minus the blue blooms. And this morning I found that one of the Francee hostas had turned yellow-brown. Back into the ground it goes!

May Saturday flower run

I was so stoked to visit my first Arboretum plant sale only to be disappointed when I got there. Many tables sat bare, and I perused a predictable selection of plants, from impatiens to pentas. I left with a couple of sweet potato vines, Illusion Emerald Lace and Illusion Midnight Lace. These were unusual in that the foliage was very fine and elongated unlike the palmate leaves of a typical sweet potato vine. I haven’t yet decided where to plant them but it’s most likely they will end up in a pot.

From there I headed out to Walton’s Garden Center and picked up 2 Dixie Chip ajugas. They’re the only place I’ve found in Dallas to carry them, and I was glad they still had them in stock on this repeat visit.

5/7/11 Ruibal's Sign and StorefrontThen down on Gaston I stopped by Ruibal’s. I had spotted this garden center on the way home from a previous Arboretum visit. Turns out Ruibal’s is a small-scale Christina’s Flowers. They specialize in bedding and planter color; their flats of bright coleus, impatiens, snapdragons and pentas drew me in from the main street in the first place. They also had a small space on the side dedicated to some surefire perennials such as salvia and daylilies, and a surprising number of japanese maples in the rear. I picked up a couple of Regatta Midnight Blue Lobelias and 2 Confetti Lantanas ($1 each) during my visit.

I proceeded to Covington’s, while hitting a Lowes on the way. Still no luck finding my Tropical Breeze Purple White Verbena, but by sheer luck, I found Lanai Purple Star verbena at Covington’s. The lone specimen I found in their retail space rewarded me with a golf cart ride to their back lot where their greenhouses a big surprise: several flats of Purple Star. Giddy with excitement, I ended up purchasing a flat of 20 ($45 total).

I was mighty pleased with my haul, but now I have to add Lanai Purple Mosaic to my verbena wishlist.