On day 18, there was…

…relief! Okay, Wednesday didn’t offer overwhelming relief since the temperatures peaked at 99 degrees–thereby ending a 17-day-long streak of 100+ weather.

It’s been too hot to do anything but watch plants shuffle off one by one as the heat took its toll on them. Every once in awhile, we got out and gave the beds a good drenching, but we have stayed indoors for the most part. This is not good planting weather, unless you take sadistic pride in watching your well-spent money dry up and die.

To be honest, I haven’t seen any noteworthy losses…most were young plants that had no business being outside. I did however notice that the potted lobelias appear like a thatch of dried twigs now, minus the blue blooms. And this morning I found that one of the Francee hostas had turned yellow-brown. Back into the ground it goes!