Yellow salvia, variegated herbs & geraniums

4/20/2011 Basil PestoVisited NHG on Saturday…missed the daylily show but bought what I came for: a yellow salvia greggii, Moonglow. The specimen I purchased is laden with unopened buds, so I can’t wait to see it bloom!

I also spotted a variegated basil at NHG, named Pesto Perpetuo–awesome colors, but I wonder how I will propagate it. Internet reading indicates that this is a variant of Greek basil, suggested to be a perennial. Only time will tell if this basil will endure our extreme Texas climate. Thoughts of preserving it sends me on a hunt for seeds, but it’s one I’ve rarely seen available on my regular online seed retailers. I should buy some rooting hormone…

I’ve also purchased a 4″ pot of salvia officinalis Tricolor, another herb purportedly perennial, here in Texas. It’s another sage to add to my current catalog of salvias, one with more functionality than my other salvias. This will be the fifth type I am currently growing; the others being greggii, x jamensis, coccinea, farinacea, and sinaloensis. I am considering taking some cuttings for use as an ornamental plant.

Round out my variegated plant purchases is a scented geranium, Prince Rupert.  It’s listed as pelargonium crispum French Lace on Dave’s Garden. My first geranium specimen, Orange Fizz, reached a height of almost four feet before it perished during our fierce winter this past year. I should have kept the root stock to see if it might have come back, but unfortunately it was ill-placed in the purple bed. I am reading up on the care of this newest geranium in the hopes of propagating its return.