One point five inches!

My eggplant’s size is enough to make any girl blush!

10/20/2011 October Garden (1)

One of the ginger mints I transplanted into the cinderblock border wall is recovering. Its sibling however did not.

10/20/2011 October Garden (2)

The variegated society garlic wanted to be noticed! It stuck this bloom head directly into my camera lens.

10/20/2011 October Garden (3)

Chrysanthemum (Heteropappus) Blue Knoll…I don’t get it. What’s happening to this thing? I have 2 of them situated in the blue bed. I read that it’s an annual, but it still grows like a weed. It hasn’t bloomed this fall. And I don’t expect that it will this year at all. Will it make it to next year? Or is it really just a weed?

10/20/2011 October Garden (4)

Wishlist plant of the day: Sedum lineare ‘Variegatum’.