Dianthus, Super Bloomer

There’s nothing more satisfying than dianthus crowned in blooms during spring. My Stargazer plants burst into bloom early April, and unlike the chinensis varieties, this perennial hybrid has reliably returned despite some harsh summers.

I’ve had Coconut Punch on my plant wishlist for sometime, but I’m thinking of adding more such as striped Pinball Wizard and green eyed Mojito.

If a longer-lived Super Parfait-type dianthus ever came on to market, I’d be a happy gardener.

GMO Seeds in a Non-GMO Seed Catalog

While I am not a big consumer of tomatoes, I do find oddly colored produce interesting enough to try growing. I’m attracted to the ornamental value of edibles. The purple tomato variety mentioned in the article would have been something I would definitely have tried to grow. It is dismaying to learn, as a Baker Creek customer, that the company made this terrible error.

Read more about this story at the NPR article: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2024/04/28/1244374630/gmo-purple-tomato-seeds-baker-creek-controversy

Hardy Hibiscus Returns

With baited breath I closely watched my hibiscus plants for any signs of life. They spent the winter outdoors under a tent. I was fairly certain that the variegated tropical hibiscus I grew from starter plants bought on Etsy in 2021, Snow Queen and Rose Queen, met an untimely demise due to the cold.

Excited to see the Summer Carnival making a comeback.