More March Plant Purchases

Undeterred by my recent shipping disaster, I went ahead and ordered more plants online.

From one of my favorite online shops, Colonial Creek Farm:

Description Qty
Kitten Around Catmint 1
John Whittlesey Salvia 1
Mirage Rose Bi-Color Salvia 1
African Blue Basil 2

It’s never too late to get bulbs. I’ve been needing to replace the calla lilies that turned into mush after the freeze. I ordered lilies through Brent & Beckys. It may be too late to enjoy the gladiolus, but I’m hoping I can get them into the ground by end of April.

Description Qty
Zantedeschia Picasso – Calla Lily 6
Lilium Lollipop – Asiatic 5
Lilium Muscadet – Oriental Lily 5
Gladiolus Zizanie – Sword Lily 10

I received a heads up on a new nursery in Denton, so I headed over Denton Plant Factory right away and got a trunkful of plants. Four Seasons Nursery was only a short drive away so I hopped over to get some ornamental basil, strawberries and golden sage.

Tools and Plantings

More IG gardenspo convinced me to purchase a garden fork, e.g. spade fork…which differs from the 3-tined cultivator which is usually handy in tilled soil. I have to say I’m impressed with the spade fork, which is tackling the clay soil I’m digging up to redo the stone bed borders.

A few new garden tools

Got melons and berries in the ground this week, but there are plenty more plants waiting in the wings. Like the Giga Silver Scabiosa I picked up from North Haven Gardens last week.